Buying Tickets to Marshy Point Nature Center Solstice Concert

To buy tickets online with PayPal, follow these instructions:


First, click here to visit the online payment page.


Scroll down to "Support MPNCC Programs and Other Work" and click the "Donate" button that is under the blurb:

"We depend on financial help from our members, partners, business sponsors, and the community to fund programs, exhibits, facility improvements, and a variety of other activities at Marshy Point."

That will open a PayPal window.  Make the payment amount "20.00" and hit "Next."  

This will take you to screen where you can "Add a Note" before paying.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ADD A NOTE OR THEY WILL NOT KNOW YOU'RE PAYING FOR THE CONCERT: "Solstice Concert"

After you add the note "Solstice Concert," hit the "Donate Now" button (you may have to scroll down).

Follow the rest of PayPal's instructions to pay.